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Team Lead
Brand Strategy
UI & UX Design
Visual Identity
Editorial Design

Design strategist and creative director with a broad range of design and leadership experience including product design, branding, advertising and marketing communications; delivering creative concepts and compelling visuals that are on strategy for print, digital, and social media campaigns.

I have a proven ability to take ideas to market across a broad spectrum of industries. I have led design teams, built marketing campaigns from the ground up and have delivered on products/brands that millions of people use every day.

I have a passion for working with new technologies, interpret emerging social and business trends to deliver what is next. My passion is design innovation and I have a proven history of using research and design to uncover new ideas; zooming from the thinking big picture to driving execution.

I love building, inspiring, managing diverse design teams for a variety of design and business challenges. I am a strong communicator and storyteller capable of driving change throughout an organisation at executive and team level. Using design to humanise technology products and organisations is what drives me every day.

After eight years of working for small businesses to large corporations and executing many commissions as a freelancer, I am now competent in all of the design phases from conception to guidelines and able to shift gears rapidly from thinking about the tiniest details to the overall direction of what I am working on.

I specialise in editorial design, corporate image and communication having an intuitive sense of what’s clear, clean and beautiful.

I have been participated in many successful design projects working for clients such as Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB, Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin), Spy Museum Berlin, a public owned real estate company Gesobau (city quarter Märkisches Viertel) and Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (DOSB, German Olympic Sports Confederation).

Lately, I branched out to explore digital design. While I have a passion for print, I have always been excited by digital platforms and its endless possibilities.

The role of a creative digital designer is fluid and multidisciplinary, qualities that suit me as I like to be constantly challenged and see where that might lead.

I deliver elaborate, functional and reliable solutions over diverse media ranging from high-quality print to user-friendly interface design. Furthermore private design and art projects are keeping me busy.

Have a look around and drop me a line if you like what you see!




    My blog

    Exhibition & Music video & Painting
    Drawing & Language
    Finally, my life settled a little, so I can write back. Going back to recursion, I understand it is a creation of infinite sequences using a finite set of elements...
    Music video & Painting
    'Self-reflections' is another project inspired by the reality of a music video, made for the song 'No Kind Words' by the English band 'The Maccabees'...
    Art & Music video
    Metauniverse – the reality of music videos
    A music video, which runs on average for three and a half minutes, is in fact a modern video-myth acting through image and sound...
    Art & Language
    Postmodernity – Fusion of High and Low Art
    According to Bauman, we are a generation of liquid modernity, a period that pays no heed to the obstacles and barriers...
    Art & Language
    Mass Culture and Popular Culture
    The industrial revolution was the butterfly effect that caused a cultural tsunami. Wave after wave, the world has been flooded with cocktails of content...



    I understand art as innovation, fluid matter without clear boundaries that spills out over all walks of life and all types of human experience. Like water, it takes bits and pieces from different areas and never gives back what it took in the same amount and order. This randomness, apparent chaos, and chance are the sources of its creativity.

    My story

    I’m an artist and creative director based in Berlin. My approach is inquisitive and collaborative and I believe in big ideas, research and crafted aesthetic. I was born and grew up in the industrial city of Konin, Poland. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always held an interest for art and design, in some form or another. This sealed my fate and put me on the path to a lifelong ambition to become an artist.

    At that time I was also fascinated by computers. That’s why after graduating from high school I studied IT for two years. As a result, my technical capabilities and understanding were greatly expanded. Later, I attended the University of the Arts in Poznan, Poland; eventually earning my MFA in Painting with honours in 2011. That same year I earned my bachelor’s degree in Romance Philology from the Modern Languages and Literature Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Like everything in my life, the idea of studying French was born of a true passion. I fell in love with it pretty instantly, thanks to inspiring teachers during my time at school. Studying two degrees at the same time was a challenge; nevertheless, I couldn’t give up on making my dreams a reality.

    Upon graduation, I worked as the Teaching Assistant of Professor Janusz Marciniak in Painting Studio XII at the University of the Arts in Poznan. In addition, I worked as a Graphic Designer and gave French classes to business professionals and companies. Both jobs made me realise what my potential was, opened my eyes to new experiences, and improved my professional skills.

    In 2014 I made a life-changing decision and moved to Berlin. I was ready to push my career forward. Now, with eight years in the industry, my experience includes work at Kiwi Group Poland, Realgestalt GmbH, Iconic Consulting GmbH, Valmano GmbH, Wargaming Europe SAS in Paris and Wayfair GmbH in Berlin. As a Senior Designer, I was exposed to all stages of the design process from pitching to finished artwork and print production. The self-directed nature of the role allowed me to concurrently develop my aesthetic and discover my leadership skills.

    Lately I like to focus on 3D and motion graphics. Solving problems leading to exciting challenges. Building products from the start and making things beautiful is what keeps me loving my job.

    Areas of Expertise

    Visual Communication
    Identity Design
    Logo Design
    Packaging Design
    Brand and Design strategy
    Print and Publishing
    Campaign Development
    Information Graphics
    Web Design


    available on request

    Core Skills

    Technical Skills
    An advanced knowledge of industry standard software; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Acrobat Professional, Autodesk Maya. An understanding of HTML, CSS and the use of content management systems such as WordPress. Fluent in Mac & PC.

    Artistic Background
    Sketching is a vital tool for the artist and designer to communicate ideas. As a professional I bring a background of relevant work experience and knowledge of different art techniques to whatever design I create. I am skilled in working with typography, colour, image and layout.

    Individual Exhibitions

    Pop-culture sense of sacrum (Popkulturowe odczucie sacrum)
    painting graduate exhibition, University of the Arts (Poznan, Poland 2011)

    Introspection (Introspekcja)
    Painting Studio XII at 10 Szewska Street (Poznan, Poland 2010)

    Signum Foundation (Poznan, Poland 2009)

    Collective Exhibitions

    The Cat And The Horse
    8th Edition instinct.berlin (Berlin, Germany 2019)

    Heart to heart (Serce dla serca)
    charity painting exhibition, hospital at Długa Street (Poznan, Poland 2009)

    Painting Studio XII (XII Pracownia Malarstwa)
    Contemporary Art Gallery (Wloclawek, Poland 2009)

    Space in a work of art (Przestrzeń w dziele sztuki)
    Inner Space Contemporary Art Gallery (Poznan, Poland 2007)

    The Decalogue (Dekalog)
    Judaism Festival, in the former apartment of a rabbi at 10 Szewska Street (Poznan, Poland 2007)

    The Last Supper (Ostatnia Wieczerza)
    Jesuit Gallery (Poznan, Poland 2006)

    Social Commitment

    participation in the 3rd Art and Social Activity Meeting in Rybojady: Happiness Workshop
    (III Spotkanie Sztuki i Działań Społecznych w Rybojadach: Warsztaty Radości Życia)
    (Poland, 2009)

    participation in the 1st Art and Social Activity Meeting in Rybojady: Happiness Workshop
    (I Spotkanie Sztuki i Działań Społecznych w Rybojadach: Warsztaty Radości Życia)
    (Poland, 2007)

    chairman of Audit Committee at the University of the Arts in Poznan
    (Poland, 2007)

    National Art Competition – Year 2000, year of Reymont
    3rd Place (Warsaw, Poland 2000)
    National Design Review – Graduation Projects 2001
    2nd Place (Bydgoszcz, Poland 2001)
    International French-Polish Photography Workshop
    (Opole, Poland 1998)
    Master of Fine Arts in Painting
    University of the Arts in Poznan (Poland, 2005-2011), diploma with honours
    BA in Romance Philology
    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland, 2008-2011)
    IT Technician
    Stefan Batory College in Konin (Poland, 2001-2003)
    Visual Designer
    High School of Art and Design in Kolo (Poland, 1995-2001)
    Associate Design Manager
    Wayfair GmbH (Berlin, Germany 2018)
    Senior Design Lead
    Wargaming Europe SAS (Paris, France 2017-2018)
    Senior UI/UX Designer
    Valmano GmbH (Berlin, Germany 2016-2017)
    Graphic Designer
    Iconic Consulting GmbH (Berlin, Germany 2014-2015)
    Adobe Indesign 95%
    Adobe Photoshop 91%
    Adobe Illustrator 80%
    Adobe After Effects 30%
    Sketch 80%

    Work flow


    I start every project by reviewing and analysing industry competitors, relevant projects and suitable references. Then I feed back to the client in a way that moves their understanding forward.


    Once information has been supplied to shape by the client, I explore all possibilities. Initial ideas and concepts are presented for the client’s review.


    Once a decision is made in which direction to develop, a more refined concept will be presented to the client. We will also discuss in more details, functions and features.

    Final design
    Final design

    The final solution will be delivered, hitting the deadline.



    Whether you’re interested in my artwork, thinking about sprucing up an existing design or hiring me, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk and see if we can make something work.

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