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Art & Language
Postmodernity – Fusion of High and Low Art
According to Bauman, we are a generation of liquid modernity, a period that pays no heed to the obstacles and barriers...
Art & Language
Mass Culture and Popular Culture
The industrial revolution was the butterfly effect that caused a cultural tsunami. Wave after wave, the world has been flooded with cocktails of content...
Art & Language
Inner speech and tacit knowledge
Probably each of us has talked to oneself, if not aloud, then at least in thoughts. Man is entangled in a continuous dialogue not only with other people but also with himself...
Art & Language
Parallels between art and language
I understand art as innovation, 'fluid matter' without clear boundaries that spills out over all walks of life and all types of human experience...
Art & Language
Art as information
Words are like people: they are born, during their lives their change their shapes and meanings – they evolve, and finally they die...